First Meeting

Thursday, 9. February 2006

Our first meeting will be this Sunday, February 12th, 2006, at 4PM, in shaa Allaah. The meeting will be held at Sunrise Academy.

The goal of this first meeting is to bring everyone on to the same page with regards to what needs to be done in order for our community to move forward. We will briefly present ideas regarding the current outstanding issues in our community, what those in attendance think are the highest priorities. We will then discuss some implementable ideas that we can start immediately (please see the forum for more details).

Everyone that is planning to come to the meeting should bring with them a notebook/notepad and a pen or pencil, because we will ask that you write down ideas that you have and submit them to us. In addition, everyone will need to keep a record of important contact information as well as the duties they have been assigned, should they be participating in a project or program.

In addition to this, I will be e-mailing out an agenda for our meeting, and I would like everyone to bring with them a printed copy, or at least written, so that we can all know where we are at with regards to the meeting as it progresses. This will help us to stay on track. Expect this e-mail within the next day or two, in shaa Allaah.

I want to say that, at this early stage, no every issue can be tackled. We are going to be aggressive, but realistic in our approach to our problems. We will start with the problems that are immediately addressable, and then as we gain momentum, we can pick up more issues as we go along. The most important issues will undoubtedly be related to the community as a whole, and with time we will begin addressing more-and-more specific problems (e.g., lack of participation at masjid X or Y).

Discussion regarding the upcoming meeting can be held on the forums here.