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Before going any further, it should be made very clear from the start that Columbus Dawah is not a new “group” forming in Columbus. In fact, to do so would be a step backwards with regards to our goal. The last thing we would wish is to form a new group & further the segmentation already rampant in our community. Rather, Columbus Dawah is a band of Muslim brothers & sisters that care deeply for our community & wish for it the best. No one is excluded, but at the same time, we do not necessarily welcome anyone to come in and spread their own ideology. First and foremost, we are Muslims. We adhere to the Qur’an & Sunnah according the understanding of the greatest of generations – the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu `alayhi wa sallam), the generation after them, and the generation after them. We achieve this as best as Allah permits us to.

We do not label ourselves nor do we label others. We are not out to take away from other organizations & efforts already trying to achieve similar goals. We will, in fact, work as much as possible with already-established efforts & projects that are inline with us.

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  1. Anis Says:

    May Allah grant you success in your goal..!! =)

  2. Mohamed Dini Says:

    As-Salamu Aleykum,

    I write this to attest to a noble attitude in the works of Columbus Dawah. One statement profoundly drove me to write me this; ” We do not label ourselves nor do we label others.” If this had been the mindset of all of us, I have no doubt success and prosperity would swing our way by the second. I have no doubt many “outcasts” with immense potential would have been amongst us.

    As a khateeb at many local masajids and an infant member of the community here, relocating from northern Virginia I have seen here what I have seen elsewhere; the labeling and the disconnection of people, thoughts and places of worship. Those with the above-stated attitude will surely be the only ones who will make the best out of it. Let us always remind ourselves that we not forget ourselves at the expense of other people’s. Let us reconcile ourselves with ourselves and pray for us and others.
    I commend the good work done by the brothers and sisters here; I was actually told of this by a bunch of sisters who came to one of my lectures at OSU. May Allah grant them the highest of iman, grant you the best deeds and grant all of us high dwellings in Firdaous….Ameen.
    Salamu Aleykum
    Mohamed Dini

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