The Columbus Dawah website came about as a result of a dire need in the Columbus, Ohio Muslim community for an organized effort focused on the development of the current & future generations. To protect ourselves from stagnation, we have developed the Columbus Dawah project to be the solution to the most fundamental problems facing us in our home community – lack of pride & respect for the religion of Islam, discouragement from promoting the good & forbidding the bad, and a general apathy towards the religion, seeking knowledge, & teaching it to others.

In addition to these fundamental problems, it has become clear to us that without a fertile ground – a group of Muslims willing to stand up and work for the sake of Allah – no large-scale project can ever be successful.

Therefore, the goal of Columbus Dawah is to provide the resources, organization, management, & whatever else that is necessary to facilitate the rapid & successful development of our community, and by extension, the entire worldwide Muslim Ummah. This can be viewed in a roughly three-pronged approach, as follows:

  1. Bring those that wish to promote a change for the good up to a level, Islamically as well as professionally, where we can actually succeed in promoting a project as ambitious as this. This pertains primarily to those that are working hard within the structure of our project, such as the core volunteers & coordinators
  2. Take our learned knowledge, skills, & experience onwards to others, in particular, the younger generation, where it can achieve further benefit & propagate itself.
  3. Establish a self-perpetuating program of tarbiyah that will not die out after the initial coordinators have withdrawn, as is so often the case with other projects.

It is of the utmost importance that an emphasis be placed on niyyah, or intention. That is, our intention must forever be that of seeking the pleasure of Allah, alone. Columbus Dawah is not a project seeking participants not interested in the Afterlife. We need those who see the project itself as a way of winning the Pleasure of Allah, and we must forever remain on this ideology. Anything less than this cannot and will not be tolerated.

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  1. Columbus Dawah » Welcome to Columbus Dawah Says:

    […] Welcome to the Columbus Dawah website! For a brief rundown of what Columbus Dawah is about, please visit our About page. -Abu Hurayrah 1 comment trackback this article […]

  2. Kim Says:


    I have tried to join the group but i dont think it worked and i could not find your contact page.

    I do have some news i would like to spread about a Muslimah and Children swimming event on the 27th of August from 10:45am-12:45pm at the central branch of the YMCA. I have a flyer but i cant attach it here.

    WaAlaykumSalam, kim

  3. K. Sherman Says:

    I hope you are all in good health and spirits. I applaud you for the wonderful work you are doing to promote true Islam. I am a revert to Islam myself, since 1993, alhamdulillah. I have recently written a book on Islam, called Why Islam? It’s not my personal story- I wrote it to acquaint people with the beauty of the religion of Islam. I am writing this e-mail to you in hopes that you may help me distribute, or at least get the word out, about my book. I do not seek any profit from this venture- I wrote it solely to promote Allah’s deen. May He guide everyone to His Straight Path. Amen. The book is available via the Internet, by IIPH< Islamic International Publishing House. You can contact them directly at iiph@iiph.com.sa, or by the link: https://www.iiph.com.sa/contact_us.html I believe (by the grace of Allah) it will be of great benefit to non-Muslims who are searching for the truth, or for reverts to share with their families, in hopes of explaining to them the truth about Islam. JazakAllahukhairan for your cooperation. May Allah reward you abundantly. If you want any more info., feel free to contact me. Sister K. Sherman

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