Taraweeh – Night 23 – NICC

Friday, 5. October 2007

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Alhamdulillaah, the recordings from night 23 of Ramadhaan at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center are now available for download. Tonight’s taraweeh recording is special because it features shaykh Abdulkareem Daghoush, an imaan with a beautiful recitation of the Qur’aan. The entire night of taraweeh, including qunoot alwitr, is available for download below, along with Hany Saqr’s khaatirah on the beautiful recitation of the Qur’aan.

Ramadhaan 23 Taraweeh – Abdulkareem Daghoush

Ramadhaan 23 Khaatirah – The Beautiful Recitation of the Qur’aan – Hany Saqr

4 Responses to “Taraweeh – Night 23 – NICC”

  1. adan cabdilaahi Says:

    walaalaayaal waad salaamantihiin ok

  2. Said Says:

    Wow, just wow! Amazing recitation by Sheikh Abdulkareem Daghoush. Did he recite the whole Ramadan? Can you make it into individual surahs for us to download? I’d love to be able to have the whole Quran recitation by him to download!

    Subhanallah, is he local? Maybe we can borrow him next Ramadan? :P

  3. Bint Amina Says:

    AbdelKarim Daghoush led for 6 nights (from Oct. 4th – Oct. 9th) within the last 10 nights of Ramadaan, walhamdulillah. We finished the Qur’aan with him on the 27th night – after which mashaaAllah there was a very long du’aa within the witr. I believe nights 26 and 27 were taped by a sister in the media business, and hopefully will be available on the internet soon.

    He is not local, as he resides in Texas and serves as an Imaam there.

    SubhaanAllah, what a blessing it was to have him for those days, inshaaAllah hopefully he’ll return for the following Ramadhaan and we may gain more khushoo’ in our salaah.

    Wa Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

  4. Zafar Abdi Says:

    We’ve produce a DVD for this, if you are interested you can contact NOOR Islamic center.

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