Taraweeh – Night 18 – NICC

Monday, 1. October 2007

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Alhamdulillaah, the recordings from night 18 of Ramadhaan at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center are now available for download.  This night’s taraweeh recording is special as it features both shaykh Hossam (former imaam of Masjid Omar bin El-Khattab here in Columbus) and shaykh Fares (current imaam of NICC), each doing four rak`at, and shaykh Hossam finishing with shaf`ee, witr, & qunoot alwitr.

Ramadhaan 18 Taraweeh

Ramadhaan 18 Shabir Ally Fundraising Lecture

5 Responses to “Taraweeh – Night 18 – NICC”

  1. Bint Amina Says:

    MashaaAllah! I miss his recitation.

  2. Amatullah Says:

    Shaykh Hossam Khidr?

  3. Abu Hurayrah Says:

    Shaykh Hossam Ref`at.

  4. fadi kablawi Says:

    sorry brothers and sisters but we have him down here in sunrise, miami

  5. Nadia Says:

    Mashallah,may Allah increase the blinsesgs upon our belpoved Sheikh and preseve him in both worlds.A big shout out from his home town Winnipeg,we all Winterpeggers love you for the sake of Allah.

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