Muhammad ibn Faqih reciting Alfaatihah

Wednesday, 25. October 2006

Alhamdulillaah, we are happy to present to you a recording that made its premiere on the Qabeelat Hayl website over a year ago, and has been unavailable since. Now available in a high-quality MP3 file for the first time, enjoy this short but beautiful recitation.

Muhammad ibn Faqih reciting Surat Alfaatihah

History of the Khulifaa’ notes

Wednesday, 25. October 2006

Alhamdulillaah, I’ve finally gotten around to converting all my notes to PDF and posting them here. Be warned: These notes are, for the most part, completely unedited. They are being posted solely for reference purposes, and are not guaranteed whatsoever to help you on your exam. While no malicious attempt has been made to sabotage these notes, they may contain mistakes, inaccuracies, and may just be plain wrong in some places. They are most definitely incomplete.

Having said that, you’re more than welcome to use them as a study aid and/or to complete missing parts of your own notes. And, again, I do sincerely apologize for not posting these sooner.

Abu Hurayrah’s History of the Khulifaa’ notes

Update: The link location has been corrected.  If you attempted to download the file and were unsuccessful, it should work now, in shaa Allaah.